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Our custom grillz are made from the highest quality .925 sterling silver, 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt solid gold at an unbeatable price delivered right to your front door. 

Here's How the Process Works:

  1. Check out our collection of real silver and gold grillz and place your order through our secure site.

  2. Once we receive your order, we will ship out your free mold kit.

  3. Within 2-3 days you'll receive your mold kit. Each mold kit includes a base and catalyst dental putty, mold tray, and detailed instructions on how to make your dental impression. 

  4. Make your dental impression, then drop it in the mail with the included prepaid return label.*

  5. Once we receive your impression, we'll review it for any chips or missing teeth and to make sure it can be used to make you the perfect grillz. Chipped and missing teeth require an additional charge.

  6. Occasionally, if done incorrectly, a dental impression may not be usable. If it is determined that your impression is not usable, you will be required to send us a new dental impression. Additional mold kits are available here.

  7. If your impression looks good, we'll get to work on your grillz, which involves pouring the mold of your dental impression, casting the metal (silver or gold) in a centrifuge, cleaning the casting material, and polishing to a high shine that is guaranteed to turn heads.

  8. Your finished custom grillz will be made to precisely fit your teeth. It will be ready and mailed to you 14-21 business days after receipt of dental impression. Please allow an additional 3-5 days for shipping.

How to Make Grillz Dental Impression Instructions

*International orders are subject to additional charges for shipping and do not include return labels. Please review our shipping policy to learn more.